About NA in Kolkata

The first NA meeting in Kolkata was held in 1988 and in 2022 Kolkata Area celebrated the 34th Anniversary of NA Kolkata. As of today, there are Fetching... NA groups, with Fetching... NA meetings per week in Kolkata as well as different outreach pockets of Kolkata like Konnagar, Barrackpur, Barasat, Kalyani, Bandel, Krishnanagar, Ranaghat, Bagula, Asansol, Bolpur, Maldah and Behrampur. Please refer to https://nakolkata.org/meetings/ for a complete list of NA recovery meetings across Kolkata Area.

In addition to holding regular NA recovery meetings, we also provide the following services; 1/ Helpline, 2/ Special meetings in Hospitals & Institutions where addicts are seeking treatment for addiction and 3/ a Women’s only virtual recovery meeting everyday in a week.

For addressing any questions which you may have about our fellowship, please refer to More About NA.

Please feel free to contact our Kolkata Area NA Helpline: @ +91 98362 23071 or the NA Public Relations Subcommittee: info@nakolkata.org for any further information. Thank you for the interest you have shown in N.A.

We conduct regular NA meetings in public facilities which provide an environment for addicts to identify and help each other to cope & learn to stay away from all mood altering substances including Alcohol.

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